A Short Portrait of FinFutura GmbH, a Financial Consultancy in Dusseldorf

We support SMEs and SMBs in all financial issues

As an owner-managed financial consultancy, FinFutura GmbH (hereinafter referred to as: FinFutura) accompanies small and medium-sized companies (SMEs, SMBs) in all financial issues, especially with regard to questions of business expansion, business development, financing and financial safeguard.

Being an experienced financial consultancy, we have due to our internal history an exceptionally strong operational approach to all issues related to finance. The implementation of financial and financing strategies developed together with our clients is therefore one of our core competencies.

Our company headquarters are situated in Dusseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, but on the left bank of the Lower Rhine, from where we are mainly active for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs and SMBs) in Germany.

Self-Commitment of a Financial Consultancy

FinFutura understands herself as a „Management Partner at Eye Level“

FinFutura understands herself as a management partner at eye level, accompanying with trustfulness and sustainable support, them being managing partners, commercial managers (CFOs), shareholders or other officers of a company. Reliability, confidentiality and validity of the results and considerations that are developed and delivered as well as an open communication are essential principles of FinFutura. Our multifaceted professional competence and our high quality standards set the necessary basis for them.

The range of financial issues brought up to FinFutura are naturally very broad, mostly very demanding in terms of content, and often require individual answers and solutions tailored to the requirements and needs of the respective company. We therefore do not have a standardized ‚product drawer‘. The client defines the task and thus our scope of services.

The range of the financial services offered by FinFutura takes account of the wide-ranging demand for support in financial issues.Not at least because of the demand from our clients, it covers three fields of scope: corporate growth, corporate finance and corporate safeguard.

Depending on the given issue, the size of the project and the client’s individual intentions, FinFutura accompanies the mandated company over a short or – and this occurs not infrequently – a longer period. Long-term cooperation based on mutual trust is the goal we always strive for. However, temporary project assignments for clearly defined tasks, which usually have a particularly operational approach, are not uncommon to us.

Since the mandate relationship requires a special relationship of trust, we ask for your understanding that we will not comment on mandates that we have accompanied in the past or do so in the present.

We would be happy to convince you of our professional expertise in a personal conversation. In addition, we refer to our list of selected references and reference projects, which we have compiled for you in a separate page of this website.

We apologize for the inconvenience we may cause you as all of the other content shown on our website is written only in German. Of course, we would be pleased to answer any questions you might have in English, be it orally in a personal contact with us, on the phone or in written form by email or letter.


How to get into contact with FinFutura?

You can get easily into contact with FinFutura, be it by email, phone, fax or by personal appointment.

Wir freuen uns auf den Kontakt mit Ihnen! We are looking forward to hear from you!

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FinFutura GmbH

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